Identification number:M-33a
Object title:Astrolabe: Western
Maker(s):Bos, Johannes (Maker)
Date: 1597 - 1597
Date Notes:1597
Place of production: Italy
Dimensions (H x W x L):16 (cm) x 12.5 (cm) x 2.2 (cm) (Object)
Dimension notes: Mater thickness: 0.5 cm
Description:Hammered brass body, mater, double cordiform-type rete, alidade with bolt and nut, double rule, bail, ring, and one remaining tympan. 31 star markers with astrological signs and magnitudes. Tympan for latitude 43° or 44°. Delicate open scroll on throne shows an early repair. Swivel, ring, bolt and nut of alidade appear original. Labeled in Latin and Italian. Larger than Bos copies.
Inscription/signature:"IOANNES, BOS. I. DIE. 24. MARTII. 1597" on the rete.